Our Rumi & Sol Story?

Owner & Founder

Hi, I'm Liv and I started this breastfeeding friendly fashion label after my own struggle with my postpartum struggle.

the beginning

I am a mum to a girl born in 2021 and a boy born in 2023. I started Rumi and Sol after my own personal struggle with my style after my daughter was born. The idea was created standing in my bra and undies in a dressing room of a small boutique. I struggled to dress my body. My 1 week old postpartum, emergency c-section body. All I wanted was something cute, but I needed it to be nursing friendly and comfortable.

Rumi & Sol is a Premium Size-Inclusive Australian Motherhood label. We believe that breastfeeding mothers deserve fashion that empowers and supports them. Our aim is to give breastfeeding mothers fashionable, size-inclusive, comfortable and discreet feeding pieces to help you feel like you again during your postpartum journey. We provide stylish and functional nursing friendly fashion that makes breastfeeding easier and more convenient without compromising on style.

At Rumi & Sol, we're not just about creating stylish and comfortable clothing for modern mothers. Our focus is to build beyond a brand. We're about fostering a supportive community, a space for mothers to celebrate the beauty and strength of breastfeeding. By empowering and encouraging them to breastfeeding with confidence where ever and when ever.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to provide fashion-forward, breastfeeding-friendly clothing that empowers mothers to embrace their journey with confidence and style. We believe that every mother deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful during this transformative period of motherhood.

Always Breastfeeding Friendly.

Thank you for supporting us to disrupt the Maternity Fashion Industry and build a community I am proud to say I started and belong to. Liv xx

We always love hearing your feedback and answering any questions or enquiries. Please message us with your question or order number (if applicable) and we will be more than happy to help. Our email is olivia@rumiandsol.com.auWhen you are wearing our clothes, making you feel like you again!
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